vetIGF provides both formal and informal skills training to over 870 students in Business, Technical and Vocational Education and Training to allow for income generation.

At IGF’s Technical & Vocational Institute, students receive education and training in four fields – carpentry, construction, tailoring and business skills.  Thus graduates of IGF schools are well prepared for a successful life in a variety of fields ensuring that they are not only mentored and equipped with the right skills, but are prepared to bring further transformation to their society.

IGF also encourages its top graduates to establish Construction Groups and plans to provide start-up loans for tools and equipment to the Groups.  IGF will then contract the Construction Groups to provide services to IGF at its different construction sites, enabling the Construction Groups to generate income to firstly service the loan and then to derive future income.

IGF also plans to provide professional kits (box of tools, sewing machine, etc) to at least 100 of its graduates, which will assist graduates in being able to start working quickly on their own once they have finished their studies.