12622242_10153907110619704_3990826981860298677_oSchools are closed for holidays, but the work continues at IGF

While the school children are still on holidays, the work at IGF is ongoing. Even though schools are closed, the Children’s Medical Centre, out-patients department, residential care, Mighty Fire radio, Lapit chicken farm, and other projects continue as normal all year-round.

Many staff have taken their holidays over the Christmas/New Year break and are reporting back to work. It has also been an ideal time to conduct a number of training programs with different staff. IGF social workers and counsellors underwent additional training to help them better deal with various situations they face with school children and community members. Heads of Departments have undertaken additional training facilitated by Global Development Group (GDG), to improve the planning and execution of the various projects operated by IGF. Teachers are planning classes for the coming year, and new student enrolments are taking place.  IGF is committed to capacity building of management and staff, through the provision of training to enhance their skills and knowledge. This in turn will improve the quality if the projects undertaken by IGF.